Kia’s all-new Sportage delivers a dynamic and capable drive in all conditions


  • European engineering programme ensures Kia’s latest SUV delivers an engaging and comfortable driving experience
  • Advanced steering and suspension systems fine-tuned for European roads
  • Electronic Control Suspension provides balance between continuous damping control and enhanced comfort
  • New Terrain Mode and all-wheel drive (AWD) offer improved traction on challenging terrain


November 23, 2021 – The all-new Kia Sportage has been subjected to an exacting engineering programme to ensure it offers the levels of driving engagement and comfort demanded by European customers.


For the first time in the Sportage’s 28-year history, the European version of the vehicle has a unique wheelbase. This means the vehicle gains generous interior space and superior standards of everyday practicality and usability, as well as exterior proportions that are well suited to European roads. 


The new platform has also provided the ideal foundations for the Kia engineering team to meticulously fine tune the mechanical layout and electronic systems, creating an SUV that is refined, stable and comfortable, with agile and dynamic handling.


Agility and comfort

During the all-new Sportage’s development, Kia’s engineers carried out testing on a variety of European roads to hone the vehicle’s steering and suspension setup and calibrate its electronic driving assistance systems.


The Sportage’s Motor Driven Power Steering system (MDPS) provides a highly communicative and connected steering feel. The suspension, which is based on a MacPherson strut system at the front and a four-link set-up at the rear, has been tuned to make the all-new Sportage more refined and comfortable, as well as sportier in its dynamic character.


State-of-the-art tech

The all-new Sportage debuts a series of technologies for optimal precision and control in all weather conditions and on various surfaces. 


An optional Electronic Control Suspension (ECS) system provides comfort and superior levels of safety thanks to its continuous damping control. The technology reacts quickly to the Sportage’s body movements and steering inputs, making rapid damper adjustments to counteract heave, pitch and body roll through corners. It also adapts the damping force of the suspension to comfortably accommodate obstacles and reduce wheel impact from aftershocks.


Representing a first for Sportage, and available on the AWD Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models, is an all-new Terrain Mode*. Developed for Sportage owners who want to pursue outdoor adventure and leisure activities, the highly-advanced Terrain Mode automatically adjusts the Sportage’s settings for maximum traction on challenging surfaces, including snow, mud and sand.


The Sportage starts in Drive Mode, a standard feature on all models. Drivers can then select from Comfort, Eco or Sport mode to better tailor the driving experience to their needs. Eco mode has been engineered to achieve optimal fuel efficiency. When the driver opts for the Sport mode, the steering and acceleration responses are enhanced to offer a dynamic driving experience. For convenience and added safety, all Drive Modes are displayed within the high-resolution digital cluster with unique visuals according to the selected mode.


An electronically-controlled AWD system makes sure power is optimally distributed between the front and rear wheels depending on road conditions and driving situations, not only improving driving performance but also boosting safety and efficiency. The AWD Lock function, available on ICE and Mild Hybrid models, can lock all four wheels for better traction in snow or while off-roading.


Further enhancing dynamic performance and stability during cornering manoeuvres is Kia’s high-tech E-Handling system. Available on the Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models that feature conventional shock absorbers, the system uses E-Motor torque readings to improve steering response, traction on front-wheel drive (FWD) models, and stability in emergency situations.


Manufactured in Europe, the all-new Kia Sportage will go on-sale in the second half of December 2021.



Press Contacts

Oliver Strohbach

Senior Manager Public Relations