Kia partners with Alyson Tabbitha to electrify League of Legends champion

Published | 18/03/2023


  • Online gaming character Katarina, now “electrified”
  • Behind-the-scenes video airing out today reveals all the details


March 18, 2023 – Popular cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha has undergone a transformation: as part of a partnership with Kia Europe, she has created an ‘electrified’ version of the League of Legends champion Katarina. Two videos recently shared on Facebook and Instagram show her changing into the character from the hit online game, while a behind-the-scenes video reveals how she accomplished the unique and creative look.


“I always wanted to do a costume for Katarina, and for the #LegendsGoElectric I even made two!” cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha wrote in a social media post. “Turning this legend electric for #Kia was hard work but so much fun! I was inspired by the Death Sworn Katarina, and I absolutely love the final electric look.”


Kia Europe decided to partner with Alyson Tabbitha to strengthen its e-Sports partnership with the League of Legends EMEA Championship and to draw attention to Kia´s future strategy, because electrification is an important pillar of it. With the shared values of progress, self-expression, and an affinity for technology, the partnership was a natural fit between the two brands.




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