Kia EV6 GT reaches out to new audiences with TikTok content

Published | 06/12/2022


  • ‘Ghetto Trio’ TikTok stars and Kia co-create video showcasing features of Kia’s new flagship electrified model
  • Content follows the theme of ‘Mission: Find Your Friends’
  • Ghetto Trio known for viral gaming-themed videos, accumulating over 33 million views
  • Part of Kia’s strategy to connect with a new generation of consumers


December 6, 2022 – Kia has co-developed an innovative gaming-themed video in collaboration with popular TikTok content creators the Ghetto Trio, to engage with a new generation of gaming-savvy consumers and showcase key features of its EV6 GT all-electric flagship model. The video is now live on the Ghetto Trio TikTok channel (@dem_bruddaz):


The film follows the theme of ‘Mission: Find Your Friends’ and incorporates the Ghetto Trio’s eye-catching recreation of video game-like character movements. Their viral videos have already amassed over 33 million views and have driven the now legendary ‘video game in real life’ TikTok trend.


In the video the main character is followed in his quest to complete the game mission by driving the EV6 GT and making use of its standout features – including the Remote Smart Parking Assist function and the ability to power external devices. With visuals that make the viewer question whether this is a video game or real life, the content builds into an absorbing story, concluding with one of the Ghetto Trio’s unmistakable choreographed dances.


“This new campaign is helping Kia and the EV6 GT connect with a whole new generation of consumers,” comments David Hilbert, Marketing Director at Kia Europe. “It was important to understand and respect the cultural preferences of our target audience, and that is why we avoided a brand-heavy approach. Instead, we are exploring a new creative style that we know will really resonate and have huge potential reach. Crucially, the EV6 GT has been integrated into the content in an authentic and entertaining way; it becomes another important character pursuing the ‘mission’, anchored into the narrative.”


Kia’s new flagship model

The all-electric, zero-emissions EV6 GT is the most powerful production car that Kia has ever made, capable of sprinting from 0-to-100km/h in 3.5 seconds thanks to its dual-motor electric powertrain producing 585PS (430kW) and 740Nm (546lb ft) torque. The brand’s new flagship vehicle is based on Kia's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), engineered to accommodate the car’s considerable electric power.


With a powerful motor on each axle, and the long-range 77.4kWh battery placed beneath the flat cabin floor, the EV6 GT offers generous interior space inside a sleek, coupe-inspired crossover design. With a driving range of 424km (WLTP combined), it also boasts 800V charging technology, enabling it to recharge from 10-to-80 per cent in just 18 minutes from an ultra-rapid charger.


As part of its ‘Plan S’ strategy, Kia will launch a line-up of 14 fully electric models by 2027. The next model to launch will be Kia’s highly anticipated EV9, which will make its production-ready debut in 2023. Representing the pinnacle of what is possible with an electric SUV, the new EV9 is based on the E-GMP, and will usher in a new era of sophisticated, high-tech, sustainable mobility for Kia.


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