Kia offers EV6 software update for faster cold-weather charging

Published | 20/10/2022


  • Battery conditioning now available on all MY22 EV6 models
  • New feature reduces charging time by up to 50% when the battery reaches its optimal operating temperature
  • Includes a sat nav system upgrade – automatically activates battery conditioning if needed when a DC fast charger is set as the destination
  • New feature is available via all Kia dealerships


Frankfurt, October 20, 2022 Kia customers who were among the first to acquire a highly-acclaimed all-electric EV6 crossover can now upgrade their vehicle to enable even faster charging in colder conditions. The battery conditioning feature, which is fitted as standard on MY23 EV6 models, the new EV6 GT and the all-new Niro EV, is now being offered as an optional retrofit with all MY22 EV6 models, overcoming the slower charging speeds that can occur with all battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in colder temperatures.


Under optimal operating conditions an EV6 can charge from 10% to 80% in as little as 18 minutes, thanks to its 800 V ultra-fast charging technology enabled by the EV6’s dedicated Electric-Global Modular platform (E-GMP). However, at five degrees centigrade that same charge can take approximately 35 minutes in a MY22 EV6* without battery conditioning – the retrofit feature ensures the optimal battery operating temperature is achieved**, unlocking up to 50% improvement in charge time.


The upgrade process encompasses the satellite navigation system, necessary because the conditioning feature automatically preheats the EV6’s battery when the driver sets a DC fast charger as a destination into the navigation system, the battery temperature is below 21 degrees, and the state-of-charge is 24% or higher. The conditioning deactivates automatically when the battery reaches its optimal operating temperature. After that, customers can experience the improved charging performance.


Alexandre Papapetropoulos, Director Product and Pricing at Kia Europe said: “The EV6 has won awards and plaudits for its impressive ultra-fast charging performance, real-world driving range of up to 528km (WLTP), and class-leading space and technology. We are constantly looking at ways of improving our products, and with the new battery conditioning upgrade any existing EV6 customer can benefit from even faster cool-weather charging times – particularly useful as temperatures drop. Simple and intuitive to use, this new feature will ensure drivers can spend less time charging and more time enjoying the journey. This initiative underscores our commitment to maximise the ownership experience for all customers.”


Existing MY22 EV6 customers keen to upgrade their vehicle with the new battery conditioning technology are advised to contact their local Kia dealership, where trained technicians will update the vehicle’s software. Battery conditioning technology is available as standard on all MY23 EV6 models.


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