Kia launches subscription service for over-the-air updates

Published | 22/01/2024


  • Kia extends the availability of over-the-air updates through a new subscription service available on the Kia Connect Store
  • The Kia Connect Store offers unique upgrades, features, and services to over one million Kia customers within Europe
  • Kia vehicles with telematics and from model year 2022 receive updates automatically for the latest software features and maps


January 22, 2024 – Kia is enabling customers to unlock the full potential of Kia vehicles with the Kia Connect Store, first launched along with the Kia EV9 on October 30th. Using the Kia Connect App, customers can benefit from a range of digital features and services from the Store that can elevate the vehicle’s capabilities and performance.


Focusing on flexibility, personalisation and futureproofing, the Kia Connect Store significantly enhances the vehicle ownership and driving experience. Customers can choose the features, add-ons, and services they want, with the current offers including Remote Smart Park Assist 2.0, acceleration Boost*, music streaming and over-the-air updates. In the future, the features will extend to cover entertainment, personalization, driver assistance, navigation, and performance enhancement. The Kia Connect Store addresses a potential of over 1 million customers that have subscribed to the Kia Connect services over the past four years.


“The Kia Connect Store puts the power into the hands of our customers, giving them the freedom to tailor the vehicle to their needs and choose their preferred upgrades,” said Sjoerd Knipping, Vice President of Marketing and Product at Kia Europe and Managing Director of Kia Connect. “We are excited to offer these upgrades that enhance the vehicle and provide the opportunity to add new features and keep the vehicle up to date through the complete ownership phase, all with just a couple of clicks.”


New subscription service for OTA updates

Kia is also launching a subscription service to enable customers to continue enjoying the convenience that comes from automatic software updates. Over-the-air (OTA) updates make it easier than ever for customers to upgrade their Kia experience and ensure their vehicle has the latest technology, software, and features.


Available through the Kia Connect Store, this new service builds on the initial one-year trial that bundles two free OTA updates for the vehicle’s navigation maps and infotainment. The subscription service is available from 89 EUR** per year, with the update packages delivered twice per year.


Future updates will encompass additional software updates and services across the vehicle’s lifetime, including safety and convenience features, as well as navigation maps and infotainment – to ensure that the vehicle performs smoothly. Dedicated updates can also resolve software issues and recalls quickly and easily.


“The launch of the Kia Connect Store and the subscription service brings a new level of flexibility and personalization to vehicle ownership,” said Olivier Pascal, General Manager Connected Cars at Kia Connect. “When before a vehicle left the production plant with limited ways to make it better, we are now producing technologically advanced vehicles that not only can be improved and enhanced over time but maintain their value and newness through updates that happen while the vehicle is being driven.”


Model year 2022 benefits from automatic updates

Telematics-equipped Kia vehicles from the model year 2022 onwards are eligible to get updates via OTA. Wireless technology is used to download the latest available software. Once the download is complete and the ignition is turned off, a confirmation window appears on the infotainment screen. Drivers can complete the update or postpone it until the next ignition cycle. Additionally, customers have the option to perform the update manuallyvia the Kia Navigation update portal or by visiting a local Kia dealership.


Previous updates have included features like the Kia EV Route Planner, which assists with finding charging points during a journey. An upcoming update will bring enhanced navigation and additional Sounds of Nature, as well as new and improved EV-specific information in the split-screen view, among many other features.


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